"Идеальный ремонт" в гостях у Николая Добрынина

30 января 2020

LUMIEN HALL - бренд, который любят и выбирают знаменитости. В этот раз освещение нашей компании радует глаз знаменитого Николая Добрынина. Вместе с программой "Идеальный ремонт" LUMIEN HALL создали современный дизайн с нотками роскоши и мягкой цветовой гаммы. Теперь все, от торшера до изысканной люстры, являются не просто источником освещения, а настоящим элементом декора.

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KlOiv20 ноября 2021 20:58
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Mariobob30 июня 2022 04:35
Practice what you preach.
But, the aphorism is short and sweet.
Speaking of being safe, that’s another aphorism example that you’ve probably heard before.
If you can do something, then you need to do it for the good of others.
Yup, you guessed it.
Want a few more.
Not good.
Their direct, witty approach is what makes these self-evident truths powerful.
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Take this proverb, for example.
It’s better safe than sorry, right.
Check it out.
Picture of Benjamin Franklin and a caption that says "Aphorist Extraordinaire"
Shifting gears a little, let’s talk about one of the world’s greatest aphorists – Benjamin Franklin.
It meant that the person was versatile and adept at many things.
It’s time.
Rickyqualp4 июля 2022 09:46
Never too late - It's.
Never judge a book by its cover.
Don't throw pearls to swine.
Two is company, but three's a crowd.
Hold with the hare and run with the hounds - You can't.
He that goes a-borrowing, goes a-sorrowing.
Life is just a bowl of cherries.
LewisHot4 июля 2022 19:04
First come, first served.
Exception which proves the rule - The.
One law for the rich and another law for the poor Link to proverb.
The singer not the song - It's.
Best-laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley - The.
There's more than one way to skin a cat Link to proverb.
Variety is the spice of life.